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Why Select Gold Star Realty and Auction for your auction???

  1. Phil has dealt with Real Estate Auctions for 35 years and has been a licensed as an Auctioneer for 10 years. Our Office Manager Heidi has been a licensed Auctioneer for 1 year.
  2. Phil has been a Real Estate broker for 35 years.
Each Auction Also Has Broker’s Supervision
  1. All required Federal and State Disclosures about the property are given (like lead based paint) before the Contract is written.
  2. Your contract has been created or approved by a Missouri licensed attorney and will be legally prepared by a licensed Real Estate Agent.
  3. The property will be listed which allows us to sell it BEFORE, DURING or AFTER the auction. When we auction your property as your Real Estate Agent, even after the action is over and the bidders all have left, the Licensed Agents can still negotiate with the last bidder or anyone else to get the property sold. If a bidder comes back after the close of the auction and it did not meet the minimum, we can legally go ahead and put the sale together. If we were auctioning without a Real Estate License, our legal ability to sell ends when the action is closed (an auction does not linger for hours, days or months after the crowd is gone.)